Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Surprisingly awesome!

No proverbial zombies or substances this time.  Deeper and more likeable characters, who you actually care about – nothing like “The Last of Us” with its intrusive “emotional bond development” crap.  Way better from moral standpoint.  A lot (a lot!) of details.  Very impressive facial expressions.  A real treat for vehicle driving fans.  Incredibly small number of bugs.  I didn’t feel irritated with the gamepad while shooting (like I did playing Uncharted 1-3).

The biggest con I can think of is the traditional (for the Uncharted series) total lack of (perceived) cooperation among opposing NPCs.  Of course, if one of the NPCs sees you, a bunch of others will attack you as well, but they won’t say anything – as if they just communicate telepathically.  Probably a design choice, because there’s already a lot of comments and remarks going on between the player and his allies.

Also, I didn’t particularly like the two ending scenes.  The thing is, all the three Drakes – who we meet in the game (Elena is somehow sill Fischer) – lie to each other, to Elena, and to others, at one point of the game or another.  And only Nathan has to pay for it, and only a little.  And the only guy in the whole game who is actively, seriously not happy about lying is… the villain!  Who dies in a deus-ex-machina way – as usual in the Uncharted series.

P.S. How come Rafe didn’t see Sam at Rossi???

P.P.S. Actually, that’s not the only curious thing about the game.